After college what to do?

After college what to do?

What’s Next?

The most frustrating question for students is What's Next?

“After college what to do?” is a trending question on google too. The world has a default answer to the question “Get a Job”.

I don’t quite understand who made the rule “a job after college education” for students? At least in most parts of Asia, it is most popular.

I think we got manipulated generations ago. Our education system was rigged to produce the much-needed workforce. After that, we stuck with the same idea.

The dynamic of the world is changing each day. A lot of trends going back and forth a few decades. Getting a job after college is not at all out of trend.

But in this ambitious world, not everybody lands a great job. If you are finished with your college education and did not end up in a job, what to do?

What to do?

I believe each of us is unique, and we all have a purpose to be here on earth sharing its elements. Some are lucky enough to find the purpose of life early.

If you are breathing, that means your purpose on earth is still due. Until you fulfill the purpose mother earth gonna keep you alive. But the quality of the life you live totally depends on your course of action.

If you wanna improve it or change it, you can start the quest by saying, “What am I good at?”. Find what you can improve or fix. Throughout history, necessity has been the center of all great deeds or inventions.

I believe that we all are creative enough to look around and understand the world. Those who can understand the world also can see the problems. And each problem is an opportunity.

Fix the problem at a scale, and it will fix you back, it is that simple.

But, if finding a problem and a solution to it is easy, probably every person around will be doing the same.

An Idea to do something enough?

The strength of an idea lies in the commitment of the person. He/she should be able to give what it takes.

We hear a lot of success stories and get goosebumps. But if you are about to create your own success story, it not going to be easy.

If it was easy probably not worthy enough to inspire others or you don’t feel proud enough to share and what story is that?

Set out creating a tuff story, rest will come along.

How should I create my story?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. This African proverb perfectly describes how you should start. Your purpose or problem you fixing will tell you what you need. It might ask you to be a balanced individual or it might ask for a balanced team. So be the person that your purpose/goal demands or find a team that helps you do it.

What about fuel?

Money is important, even a discussion needs coffee. But don’t forget there is a lot of money in the market. Venture capitalists or investors are actively searching for worthy ideas or people.

You need to prove to them that your idea is unique and impactful. Don’t forget to show them confidence.

They are easy to find but hard to approach but all you need is one meeting that shouldn’t hard enough since you have an efficient team or self with you.

Nowadays it is not hard to find one happening event. Governments around the world are also encouraging the startup ecosystem. So if you are confident you are doing or making something meaningful, you will find the money or resources you need.

Success is not a Destination

If you think once you build something or become something then your real journey started there.

You need to be realistic about what you promise, and also be consistent in delivering those promises.

So your actual journey begins here.