Simple Design System using SCSS

Simple Design System using SCSS

A design system is simply a group of elements that are most commonly used by developers, this will help them consistency and good user experience while developing UI.

What is this article about?

This article will help you start with building a design system from the start.

This is the first post of the series that I want to create, I picked the button component to start with.

What do you need?

  • Proficient in CSS
  • Proficient in HTML
  • Knowledge in SCSS ( good to have)
  • What is SCSS?
  • It's a preprocessor for CSS, simply offering you a better way of writing CSS in your projects.

There are tons of content on this but I prefer you to go to the official site otherwise I have a video that talks about this tech.

Basics of SCSS and deep-dive into the features

How to bootstrap a Design System?

Design System

Design System

This article will let you kickstart your journey to create a design system.

I will be along with you, so let me know the feedback I can always be patient to listen and improve.

Happy coding!